Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold ol' house...

Jesse and I spent our first married winter in a wonderful money-pit of a farm house. It was, however, freezing! There were 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 of them had snow coming in the windows. Our bedroom wasn't much better. We had a water bed that kept us warm at night and plastic covering our windows.

Downstairs was our only source of heat....a propane burner that we kept on low. We were afraid to turn it up because we didn't have much money. Jesse said he wouldn't have blamed me if I had left to go back to Texas that winter. Sometimes I holed myself up in the bathroom with a book and the tiny electric heater turned on high. That was heaven!

Jesse worked for his Uncle making tractor parts through the winter, but I didn't have a job. There was no internet back then but I kept busy learning to take care of the house, cook and I had 2 new kittens, Cookie & Allie. I missed my parents and sister...being married was the first time I had been away from home except for a 1.5 year stay on a local college campus near my parents. I was learning to play hymns for church, so I practiced the piano. We enjoyed our church family and Jesse's mom and dad also lived nearby. All that was 18 years ago!!!!

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