Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yesterday we made homemade fettuccine alfredo...decadent! Cream, butter, cheese...fattening and so tasty. Sometimes I crave it.

I was pondering my life yesterday and praising God. When I was a little girl/teen I had a bad attitude about homemaking, mothering, etc. I am not sure why I developed that attitude. My mom was a wonderful homemaker, always there for my sister and I, plus she worked part-time jobs while we were in school. She was a good seamstress, cook and her house was always very neat. I didn't want to have anything to do with cooking or sewing (how I wish that I had learned!). I think (perhaps) my dad was a bit hard on mom...not giving her credit for her wonderful role in the family. I don't blame it all on him...society's ideas were also pressed into my mind. I saw myself as a career woman...instead of home-ec, I took every journalism class that I could take.

It was hard when Jesse and I first got married. I still intended to finish college and have a career. He supported me in that. I wasn't very good at cooking or keeping the house clean and he tolerated that. Then I got pregnant with Colton. I managed to take some online college classes. Then came Carlina, 2 years later..closely followed by Julia and Alicia. I can't say that I had an instant has taken years and prayers to find myself extremely content with my role as mother, wife, homemaker, etc. I have had to renew my mind with the Word of God...pressing to find out God's goal for me and breaking down the walls of the world's goals. I recently read Passionate Housewife's Desperate for God. That is an amazing book that I wish I would have had in my hands years ago. It would have saved me much heartache and worry. God works all things out for good and I am so happy that I can teach my girls about God's wonderful plan for their lives.

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jobu92 said...

Thanks for the tip on the book, sounds like just what I need right now! :) Going through that homemaking rut myself! Thanks for sharing! :)