Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good morning....

It is a cool morning. Garrett went to Grandma's last night. He absolutely adores his Grandma. I told him (tongue in cheek) that Grandma was going to adopt him and he was going to live there forever (he was totally okay with that). It hurt my feelings, lol. Jesse said that would last about a week and then he would want to come home. I think it is great that he loves Grandma so much, though. My Grandparents were never around as a kid, so I am thrilled that my kids have both their Grandmas and step-Grandpa nearby. Jesse's dad has never taken an interest in the kids and now that he is in the nursing home, he treats them worse then ever when they come. He just can't take the noise and activity. But Grandpa Terry (mom's hubby) is great with the boys.

Carlina and Julia went to a sleep-over with church friends and I will pick them up later this morning. Katie said she didn't feel good, that she might barf. So, looks like swimming lessons are out today. Jesse finished his 5 night shift stint...he is exhausted. I hope he can get some rest.

I stayed up too late watching "I didn't know I was Pregnant" on TLC last night. Most of that is just hard to believe. I guess because my cycles are always so regular (when I have them which is almost never due to pregnancy and breast feeding) and I get slammed by morning sickness at 6 weeks pregnant, I would never miss pregnancy. I did have a friend who didn't know she was pregnant until 16 weeks. She never had a cycle between her first and second pregnancy and not many symptoms except some fatigue and a little bit of weight gain. She was shocked when she found out she was carrying her second baby girl. That little one was born a premie (8wks early) , so she always jokes about how short that pregnancy actually was.


cherrie said...

I couldn't sleep last night--we should have chatted on the phone--I think I drank too much iced tea and I kept hearing the cats fighting outside:(

Robin said...

Yes, you should have called! What cats are fighting?