Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been feeling really down about Oliver but am trying to focus on other things. Jesse thinks my Grandma's death combined with giving up Oliver has really hit me together. He is a great counselor to me and is right...usually I hold things in and worry until they build up and I have an emotional melt-down.

I have enjoyed working outside today....beautiful day in the low 80's. I even had a zinnia bloom, the first one. That is therapy...digging in God's earth and thinking about all the beautiful plants that He gave us. I asked God for comfort yesterday and He showed me several verses in the Bible where He cares for animals:

39 “Do you hunt for food for mother lions?
Do you satisfy the hunger of their cubs?
40 Some of them lie low in their dens.
Others lie waiting in the bushes.
41 Who provides food for ravens
when their babies cry out to me?
They wander around because they do not have anything to eat.

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