Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

It is not a typical 4th of July here in Iowa....cloudy, cooler. I guess that will be perfect for the parade but not so much for swimming today. We are going to tour the museum and historical house here in town (only open on certain holidays) and then watch the parade at 3pm. Lots of candy given out, of course...the kids are so excited. I have lots of great memories of the 4th. I came home from the hospital with Colton on the 4th. He wore a little blue and white outfit with red socks, lol. Jesse always went all out and spent tons of money buying fireworks. We lived out in the country and had a blast. Used to have a dog (Sadie) who would actually fetch the fireworks and sometimes before they went off... scary. She wasnt' scared a bit. Another dog (Worf) would tear down the door (he was a huge Samoyed) trying to get inside away from the fireworks. Many times we combined Colton's birthday and our 4th of July party. When he was little he thought all the fireworks were just for him. In Florida we would go down to our neighbors and shoot off fireworks....they weren't illegal in Florida and the neighborhood would go nuts. They are illegal in Iowa but people still cross the border into South Dakota and buy them. We live in town now, so don't do the big bash. Our town does put on a great show and we are looking forward to that tonight at 10.

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