Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do all for God's glory..

Today, Jesse was mentioning how most of his summer (when he was a boy) was spent walking beans. In laymen's terms...that is simply walking through a soy bean field with a hoe or machete and killing weeds. There were no chemicals back then to do the job, thus it was all done manually. Jesse's mom and 4 siblings would all take part...sometimes his dad. His dad was usually in the tractor cultivating, however. He reminisced how cold the fields were in the morning and how wet their clothes would get from the dew. Then by afternoon, it would be sweltering hot. His dad would drive them all intensely...pushing to have a weed-free field. Jesse was wondering today what that brought his dad. Perhaps a few extra bucks at the time and the glory of having a beautiful field. Yet, his attitudes and actions alienated everyone. There is nothing wrong with hard work and Jesse, along with all his siblings have a great work ethic. Yet, there was no kindness on the part of his was work hard or you were worthless. I was thinking how even the smallest tasks take on eternal significance when done for the glory of God. Changing diapers, washing dishes, tying your toddlers shoe....things I do over and over. My attitude means so much. If done with a terrible attitude, it is all for naught. If I do it for my own vain-glory....(i.e. keep my kids looking perfect--simply doesn't happen!)....all for nothing.

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Joy said...

Love this post Robin. So true.