Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random pictures...

Okay, I hate this red and green backdrop...but it stays for awhile! Merry Christmas!!!

Jesse got his cpap machine today. I know it will improve his sleep and his life! The sleep therapist said that his chart was one of the worst that she had ever seen.

We went with Grandpa Jim to SC today. He took us out for Mexican food and then we went to Walmart...mad house!!! It was balmy today comparatively....20 degrees!

We had Grandpa Terry over for dinner. We made chicken pot pie. He commented that it was a "family favorite". I then remembered that we had served it to him recently in the past. We do like it but I don't usually make it more than once a month, lol.

Santa surprised us last night. He knocked on the door about 8pm and bellowed "Merry Christmas" when I opened the door. It scared Julia and I out of our minds. He came in and gave Thomas candy canes. Thomas wasn't scared at all, I was so amazed. Garrett was in the bath. I brought him out with a towel around him and he told santa he wanted a train set for Christmas. Thomas yelled he wanted a "race car!". We have always told the kids Santa is not real but Garrett still wants to believe and we don't try to convince him, the other kids will soon enough. He said (after Santa left)...3 things I believe in..."Santa, tooth fairy and the Easter bunny". ...we don't teach any of those things but Oh, well! I've gotten in trouble 2 times in the past about Santa...once when Julia was in KG and once when Alicia was in KG...they both were telling their classmates that Santa wasn't real (I didn't advocate them doing that!) and their teacher called me to complain, lol!!

Katie said that her teacher was asking for some symbols of Christmas and the kids were yelling out many secular things like presents, Santa, etc. and she said "Jesus!"...she said one little boy snickered at her and made fun of her...she felt bad, but I told her she should pray for him because he doesn't know Jesus.

We broke down and got cable..at least for the winter. Jesse's idea, not mine..but it only adds $20 to our phone bill. It is basic cable and we have enjoyed watching Little House on the Prairie and good movies so far.

Christmas Eve tomorrow! We're having frozen pizzas for dinner and opening one gift:)

Also, someone commented in Walmart on Anna's hair...something I get all the time, but this was different...they commented on the color RED! not how much there is, lol.

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