Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad dog...

We have to get rid of our dog and we are all bummed about it. He is 9 months old and a good family dog, he loves all of us...BUT he keeps getting out (can open the screen doors himself) and the kids let him out sometimes. There is a leash law in our town and besides that Oliver is not friendly to other people. He barks at them menacingly. He has never bitten anyone, I think he is just a big coward, but he scares people. I have never had a dog like that before...so mean to other people. He thinks he is a rotweiller or chow, I guess. I am going to advertise him for free and if that doesn't work I will have to take him to the humane society. He has been reported to the police and the police have visited us. It is sad but he is just too aggressive for town and if he gets out again, that is it...we will be fined.

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