Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Garrett!

Garrett turned 5 yesterday, Dec. 29th. We had a party earlier in the month (celebrated December birthday's with Jesse's side of the family), so Carlina shared that party. We had another party last night with my mom and her hubby. He requested a white cake with white frosting, chicken nuggets and broccoli. He ate the broccoli but no nuggets and a piece of cake. Jesse and I got him a stencil set. He is really starting to love to draw...taking after all of the other artists in the family. Mom got him some undies, pjs, a color book and crayons.

Here is a short version of Garrett's birth story:

The doctor decided to induce me about 5 days early....he was due Jan 3rd. Looking back now, I would not have allowed that...but I was sure that I would go into labor before then. Katie was 3 days early and I thought I *might* go early again. It was not to happen...Jesse and I checked into the hospital early Monday morning (6am). I had not had 1 contraction...until they started the pitocin. I got an epi pretty much right away and didn't feel any pain...it worked perfectly. Around 3:30 p.m. I was complete and with 2 pushes, little Garrett Jesse made his entrance into the world...7lbs 13oz 20 inches long. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and was so adorable. He didn't cry right away, they really had to prod him to get him going and he didn't want to nurse right away. I think that I was induced too early and that caused some problems, I regret that now. Also, since then I have not been able to go into labor on my own...I don't know if it is related, but I wonder. We brought him home on New Years Eve and he settled in very well.

He has the sweetest personality and is so much fun to be around. I thank God for my wonderful little boy!


cherrie said...

what a little blessing garrett is--I meant to talk to him on the phone today and wish him happy birthday--aunt cherrie loves you

Fiona Donnelly said...

Awww great birth story Robin and Happy Birthday Garret