Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas program

We had our Awana/church Christmas program last night. Garrett and Katie sang Silent Night (Garrett loudly) with their Cubbies and Sparks groups...Alicia sang 2 songs with her T&T group and then our family did a reading together. We read the Christmas plan of Salvation and Garrett yelled out "Merry Christmas, Everyone!!" at the end. Colton and Carlina also participated in the puppet show. Colton has a police officer puppet named Napoleon and Carlina has a construction guy puppet named Joe. They gave the story of the candy cane...along with two other puppets. It was cute.

Mom left to go see her mom in PA today. Grandma is 91 and ill. She has been in the hospital with heart troubles and is very weak. They let her go home, but noone really knows how long she has. Grandma is a wonderful lady with an amazing sense of humor. She has lived through some tough times but never let things get her down. She was married to an alcoholic husband for many years but was constantly upbeat and caring to him. She raised 3 wonderful mom being the middle child. She has a great sense of fashion and always looked very put together. She is very devoted to God and prays for all of her children and grandchildren without ceasing. I did not grow up around Grandma but saw her once a year for 2 weeks during summer vacation. The last time I saw her was in 1996 when Jesse, Mom & I (plus 3 kids at that time) took a road trip out to PA. Regardless, I always felt close to her and kept in touch through correspondence. I will miss her dreadfully when she dies, but know that death is just a door she will pass through to be with her Lord and Saviour. I will see her again one day, if not in this life then in heaven.

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cherrie said...

I didn't know she left. I hope she gets to spend some quality time with grandma.