Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World History Lesson...where is Georgia?

Georgia is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and partially in Southwest Asia in the Caucasus region. It is bordered to the north by the Russian Federation, to the east by Azerbaijan, to the west across the Black Sea by Ukraine, to the south by Armenia and to the southwest by Turkey.[2] The territory of Georgia covers 69,700 km² and is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Georgia’s population is 4.4 million in the territories controlled by the central government of Georgia, nearly 84% of whom are ethnic Georgians.[3] Thanks Wikipedia!!

To put it simply, it is this little country south of Russia that used to be a part of the Mother country. Why is Russia so interested in Georgia? Some analysts say the oil pipelines, some say the ports, some say Russia just wants to expand her empire again?

On another note, did you know more Georgians live to the age of 100 than in any other country?

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Debbie said...

thank you so much for that..I am not that smart but yet not that dumb and I keep hearing about this on the news and I never heard of Georgia(except our state) I was just wandering last night about this and was going to look it up today!