Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm a ticking time bomb. In approximately 6 weeks the timer will say 0:00. I will be officially done. At that point, eviction orders will be issued....generally ignored by her elder siblings, but not this little girl. No sir! She is obedient and will arrive right on time. I'm wondering about these next 6 weeks. I'm exhausted, my varicose veins are a map of the world with swollen rivers being their main feature, morning sickness is back and the cramps in my feet keep me up at night. But I want to cherish this time. No complaint, whine or symptom can overshadow the awe of waiting for baby's arrival. Soon I will not have her to myself. She will be introduced into the world and I will have to share her. Can there be any better blessing than a child? I can't say I will ever experience pregnancy again, I want to relish each day. I also am so anxious to meet my new little one. To see her sweet little face and smell her baby hair. To look with wonder on her ten little toes...and the pink! My big girls wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole now, but this little girl will be decked out in pink! She will be welcomed with great delight by all of her siblings and especially her mommy and daddy......let the countdown begin!


cherrie said...

i can't wait to see baby girl--she looks like carlina in the u/s pic. you must be exhausted!!!

Debbie said...

6 More that went fast!