Thursday, August 28, 2008

Storms and misc musings...

We had one again last night but not as bad as the night before. We didn't lose power this time, thank goodness. It is such an inconvenience to lose power for a measly 5 hours...aren't we wimps? I think of back during Hurricane Charley in 2004 (Fl) when people were out of power for weeks! We were one of the fortunate neighborhoods and got ours back in 24 hours. The kids were up at 3am the night before helping light candles and just enjoying the storm. That makes it very hard the next morning!

Carlina has now been taking her medicine for a week but hasn't been sleeping good at all lately. Sometimes when you first get on those anti-depressants, you feel much worse before it gets better. I hate that they take so long to work and I pray that they do work for her.

Garrett hasn't spilled much about school, he won't talk about it at all. He did tell us that 2 boys yelled at him when they were playing with trains together. The teacher put the train in time out and then the boys were able to play together nicely. He also told us he had delicious white milk and a circle pizza for lunch yesterday but didn't eat the pizza. I wonder if he eats anything at all.

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Joy said...

It was storming about 4AM here this morning. It woke me but not the kids thankfully.