Saturday, August 9, 2008


We are having a hard time with names. We had a boys name picked out as of late...Justice. Such a cool name, but alas, no boy, lol. Girls names are harder. Carlina's name was picked out a day after she was born, sort of on a whim. I wanted Katrina but Jesse vetoed it and Carlina was chosen. Julia was going to be Courtney almost right up until the end when I suddenly changed my mind. I had Alicia picked out for my firstborn (who happened to be a boy) but didn't use it again right away for some reason. That was the name of a childhood bestfriend. Katie was picked out by daddy...she is actually Katherine, but he wanted a Katie. So that nickname stuck.

Now for number 8....the girls and I loved Charlotte but daddy did not. He likes Elizabeth and Anna. Julia and Alicia desperately want me to name her Emma Rose. Which is very pretty. I personally love Josephine and would call her Josie, but noone else except for Carlina seems to like that.......more deliberating!

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cherrie said...

what about elizabeth? i like josie. emma reminds me of you doggie):