Saturday, August 23, 2008

Having fun without spending money...

We are getting to be experts at this...some of our favorite things to do:

1. board games-we love clue,yahtzee and uno
2. cooking-we love to get together in the kitchen and whip up delightful dishes
3. picnic-this is our favorite thing to do this time of year. ***
4. watching the Brady Bunch-we own every season and don't have cable and get two network stations--the kids love it.

***footnote-we went to Southwood Conservation area today for a picnic. It was gorgeous--sunny and 75 degrees. Ollie had a blast running around and got pushed (ahem-accidentally?) off of the dock of the pond into the water and had a fun swim. He proceeded to drag a huge dead rat out of the pond and chase everyone with it. We saw Monarchs and twin fawns. Sorry I don't have a picture of the rat, its teeth were beyond belief!

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