Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Due Date to me!!!

Today is my due date!!! Cherrie has one more day here and she is sad to miss the birth, but we sort of figured that would happen. We have had a great time and the kids have really enjoyed having their Aunt here, too. We are trying to plan a get together for next summer, maybe meet half-way somewhere (we're thinking Wyoming!). We went out for pizza last night and I was hoping something spicy would put me into labor (yeah, right), so maybe we'll try Mexican food today. I can tell things are starting to happen, albeit slowly. I was dilated 1-2 at my last ob appt. If nothing happens by Sunday night (12th), I will go in and be started on pit, to have her on Monday (13th)...and yes, we still don't have a name!!! Jesse has today off after 3 days of night shift, he is exhausted.

Anyway, we have had a great time playing Apples to Apples (Cherrie brought the game), making lots of food (she is a wonderful cook) and just visiting! I am sad to see it go by so fast!!!

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The Zandi Zoo said...

Sounds like a nice visit.

I keep checking in here.. can't wait to here the announcement!