Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thomas is adapting...

to being the big brother. It has been tough on him. He loves baby Anna ( is sometimes too rough with her) but struggles with not as much mommy time. He is migrating to Daddy more, which is the natural progression of things. He still wants to na-na-toe (hold my arm when he is tired) and can't always do that when I am holding/nursing the baby. Garrett is doing okay, but he has been whiny lately. Don't know if it is because he has been sick so much or tired from school or changes that new baby brings. Changes have hit all of us one way or another. I thought Katie had a uti; took her to the doctor today. She has been struggling with not having a bathroom in her classroom like last year. She had one accident in school and now feels like she has to go all of the time. The doctor said no uti, but did diagnose allergies and prescribed an antihistimine. Said that the allergies can make the bladder irritable, too. I think that in combination with the new classroom, new house, etc. is stressful, not to mention the baby.

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