Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feeling better...

I am not back to normal but feeling better. I miss those lovely pregnancy hormones! That one day was so tough for me, I felt like every good hormone had been drained from my body and all I wanted to do was lay in a pile. I have been taking my meds for a week now and maybe it is starting to help a bit. I hate that I am so sensitive to those hormonal changes. Weaning and starting my period after having a baby throw me into the same sort of loop (not quite as severe as post-partum). I am trying to eat, but my appetite isn't what it should be yet. Anna is doing good, though she still has a fussy time late at night which is exhausting. Plus, Thomas is not sleeping well either, so makes it difficult. I do appreciate those who have been praying for me and would crave continued prayers. I still have sick ones; we can't seem to get rid of this terrible cough. It keeps getting passed back and forth and never leaves the house. My MIL has been a great help, coming over with groceries and helping around the house. I finally got my surburban back, so I can actually go places. The heat is working now, which is wonderful!

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