Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Julia gets to share her birthday month!

13 years ago on October 23 my adorable little Julia Paige was born....very tiny (6lbs 11oz) with a little bit of brown hair on her very round head. She was Grandpa Branam's angel for 18 months (he died in June of 1997). He absolutely doted on his little Julia and she loved Papa.

Recently my sister and I braved the darkened recesses of a Hollister store so that she (my extremely thoughtful sis) could buy Julia a birthday present. Julia will be beyond thrilled to receive something from her favorite store.

Julia was born 11 days past her due date, so why should I expect anything different from her little sister. Little Sis will be so fortunate to have a wonderful Big Sis like Julia to look up to!

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