Sunday, August 2, 2009

The heat is back..

and I'm not complaining. It will be winter soon enough. We went to church this morning and heard a wonderful message on communion. Communion is so important for followers of Jesus. Read here for a great article about it.

Jesse's sis got a new dog...a very cute Saint/Newfoundland mix. He will get huge! He is 5 months old, black and white and just adorable. I am still missing my Ollie and really not ready for a replacement (if ever). I really would like to be in the country before getting a dog, but don't see that happening any time soon. I think the kids (especially the older 3) were heart broken over Ollie and Julia said that she can't bear to go through that again.

I had a hard time with my oldest this afternoon. He has a ton of legos sitting in the basement and I brought up a few for the little kids. He went ballistic! He did not want them playing with them...I can't explain it. He does not play with them ever or care about them (legos). The little boys just love them. He is 17 and a handfull. My battles with him could be seen by some as minor but they can be consuming.


Debbie said...

I dont feel alone 14 year old is so good for the most part but he goes off the deep end from time to time and he takes it to the extreme...I guess I am blessed it only happens about once a month....does PMS happen in boys too?LOL

Robin said...

Debbie-there is no reason or logic at times and I am at a loss to understand...if only it were PMS!

LynAC said...

Well, my oldest is 16 and not attached to legos but he does have weird fits from time to time. I think guys do have hormonal moments--my 14yos does too. And they can be just as unreasonable as they claim *I'm* being!

re: your comment on my page--since my pregnancy was worse than usual and I think that combined with the fact that my hubby is 49--he is quite convinced our Julia is the last addition. And if I stop to consider how things went--I agree, but it is hard. I'll be over 40 when my fertility returns and I highly doubt things would be any easier! I so love having a baby in the house--I guess I'll have to wait for grandbabies!