Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been sick with a bad head cold for the past few days but am feeling much better. Colton is sick now. Poor guy, he slept on the couch today with a good fever going. I love this time of year but dread the illnesses that come with cooler weather.

Jesse sold his guns recently and bought the girls a new video camera. It is a cute little thing, looks like an i-pod. Isn't he a nice daddy?! They have been having a blast with it. Filming movies is practically all that they do in their free time, especially Julia and Alicia.

Carlina and Alicia were baptized on Sunday evening. Our church had a Baptism service at a families house in the country. They have a pool (water is coooold!) and a huge yard. It was a thrilling experience. 5 others were baptized. Jesse got to put them both under and up.


Debbie said...

Awesome! You family is beautiful...they are all getting so big!

Robin said...

Thanks, Debbie!