Thursday, August 6, 2009


Regarding the previous post...I am not going through depression right now, but the pain of it is always present with me. It is a disease that I will never be free of, unless healed, but medication helps keep it at bay.

We put away 28 quarts of corn today at our friends' house. They also did 28. In actuality we did it all together and split it. It was a cool day and nice to work outside. We used their turkey cooker to cook the corn, then blanched in a big tub. We had 3 big tables set up to cut and put in bags. They have 7 children and were babysitting 4 others, so it was a pretty active scene.

Colton is playing with Garrett right now. Sometimes they get along so good, but usually not. Garrett loves it when Colton spins him around and wrestles with him. Both Colton and Carlina passed Driver's Ed...we plan on getting Colton's license tomorrow.

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