Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can we trust God?

That was one of the points of the sermon He takes the bad and turns it into good for us. Even the worst evil He can use for good. As humans we can't see how things are going to turn out, but if we trust Him, He will take care of us. Jesse and I couldn't imagine how things would turn out for us after losing our business, home, vehicles in a bankruptcy. It was scary and stressful. Sometimes I didn't think we would make it through. Here we are now....not unscathed, but here. We have grown through it all and can look back and be thankful for our experiences. We don't have wealth but we have a wealth of learning and hopefully, the humility to keep on growing.


Melissa S. said...

Our church is doing a summer series called "Faith In Turbulent Times" We heard a heart wrenching story today from a minister in Chicago who has 9 children and lost 6 of them in a van accident. Through that tragedy 3 family members came to Christ. His (or his wife's) 96 year old grandmother. His 71 year old mother-in-law and someone else I forgot. How God does turn tragedy into good.

Robin said...

I remember hearing about that family. I can't imagine losing even one child. Their testimony would be so powerful.

10arrows said...

Thanks for the reminder! You are such a great woman of faith!
Thank you for all you insight!

Robin said...

Thanks, Heather!