Thursday, August 13, 2009

computer down..

but I am back now...the repair man was examining the ethernet cord and commented "Looks like some animal chewed on this"...yep, that would be March (the bunny). Thankfully he has not been electrocuted yet.

Anna is scooting all over and starting to crawl, it is so fun to watch. She is 10 months today, I can't believe it!

We had a couple of accidents this week. Alicia fell on the road (her friend's brakes went out) after being hit by a bicycle. Her left side was skinned up with a couple of deep wounds. She is doing better. I fell when I stepped in a big puddle of bubbles (Thomas had dumped his container) on the kitchen linoleum. I was holding Anna and she cut her face on the chair as I fell. I have a big bruise but we are both fine. Scary.

We had AWANA training last night. I will be in the nursery again this year but am excited to take the training. We recited the verses of the gospel wheel. Colton and Carlina will be helping out along with participating in youth group.

Colton drove over to Grandma's to help her out for a few days. I still can't believe he is driving by himself now.

I am leading our ladies Bible Study...Kay Arthur's How to Study the Bible in 28 Days. I am so excited about getting into God's Word and really learning new methods of study.

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