Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snowy Christmas

This Christmas is what my children dreamed of for 4 years in Florida...SNOW and lots of it! It started with an ice storm on Wed. We left to go to Grandma's early...we thought we might not make it over if we waited. We went to my mom's (about 10 miles away) for lunch (a delicious meal of enchiladas and tacos) and fun fellowship including a game of Phase 10. Around 5pm we headed over to Jesse's mom's place (another 10 miles further on). The roads were terrible, icy and very slippery. Debi and Jewel were already there and Lori and girls headed over later. Christmas Eve night it began to really snow. We had fun doing white elephant exchanges Christmas Eve and the kids did play for awhile outside, but it was really too windy and miserable. Jesse had managed to get Christmas Eve off and he was really thankful. The guys who made it in Christmas Eve were stuck at the plant for 36 hours! Jesse went to work about 4pm Christmas Day and brought the guys some goodies. Christmas Day was fun....lots of gifts and playing. We had a delicious lunch of prime rib roast and spent most of the 4 days that we were at Grandma's baking goodies. Lori made a gingerbread house and gingerbread stable and manger cute!

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