Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Slow evening

I am sitting here watching Pixar shorts on ABC family, also babysitting 2 little boys for my friend while she helps out with AWANA. I do that every Wed. night. Pixar is so creative...I loved Up which I just watched for the first time recently. Anna went to sleep, but I don't think she will stay down for the night. She is a terrible sleeper, so much like Colton at that age. He was up every hour for a long time...just a very light sleeper. He still says that he has trouble sleeping at age 17.

Carlina turns 16 on Friday. We took her to Panda Express in Omaha on Monday and it was pretty good. Jesse had the hot and sour soup which was awful, everything else was decent. We are having a combined party on Dec. 13 for her and Garrett who turns 6 on the 29th. Neither child was due in Dec. Carlina was due Nov. 23 and Garrett was due Jan. 3. I sometimes feel that Garrett gets cheated as his birthday is shortly after Christmas, but we try.

Last night I was sitting outside watching the stars in the cold air, waiting for Bible Study. It was such a beautiful night and I felt like God was right there with me. Sometimes I think about all the wonderful things I will do with Him for eternity. I hope and pray that all my family and kids are there too. We will have an amazing time...forever. Like Kay Arthur says "Time is short, but eternity is forever."

Well, tomorrow I am going shopping with the church ladies. Will be picked up at 7am sharp. Anna is going along, I hope she makes it. It is a marathon time. Jesse is picking me up in town at 7:30 pm. I won't be able to keep going to midnight or whenever they stop. We are having lunch at the Olive Garden...yum!

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