Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December rush begins...

I am trying to complete at least one Christmas job every day. Yesterday I got 17 Christmas cards off. I have more that I need to work on, but it felt good to get some off. We are keeping our gift giving pretty basic so shopping shouldn't be too hard. The kids will get one larger gift and 1-2 smaller ones. Colton wants a video game, he is planning on buying a PS3 with his own money. Carlina wants a new bedspread, Julia is getting a cookie press from Pampered Chef and a new Bible, Alicia wants a Nintendo DS (she is putting $70 of her own money towards it), Katie wants a Webkinz and a Tamagotchi, Garrett & Thomas are getting a racecar set and Anna will be getting a book from Usborne. Jesse would like the Bible on CD. We still need to get a tree and get some lights up and then its baking time!!!!

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