Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've been neglecting my blog lately. Jesse has been on his "8 days off" and we have been keeping very occupied. We had a wonderful day today. Had a picnic lunch at our favorite park and then did some driving around enjoying the countryside. Jesse and I love to just drive about and look at things and the kids seem to enjoy it, as well. Jake had a magnificent time running around in the park and then hanging his head out the window feeling the breeze. It is the most perfect time of the year(weather wise), as far as I'm concerned.

We stumbled upon a vineyard and were given an impromptu tour. Only the Catawba grapes were yet to be harvested...they looked fake hanging on the vine. We saw the beautiful bottles with custom labels, giant vats where the wine ferments and various other things they use to make the wine.

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