Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's 11:00p.m.

and I'm still up. Typing on this blog. Listening to "Little Rascals" on T.V. Wishing I was snoring away in bed.

Today was busy...school in the morning and then up to the orthodontist in the afternoon so Carlina could have her braces taken off. She got molds made for retainers and then back in 2 hours to get the retainers on. She is in lots of pain because the retainers are so tight. Tomorrow she will go to the dentist for bridges and a front cap and then back to the ortho on Fri. We start the whole process anew when Julia goes in for her first appointment in October. I have many long years of sitting in orthodontist offices ahead of me.


cherrie said...

look at anna!!! she is getting so big and aunt cherrie has yet to play with her:(

11arrows said...

We have the same issue here!Our ortod. is 2 hours away which really makes it a challenge! Hang in there!