Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't limit God..

Here is an article I recently submitted to our Woman's Newsletter at church:

“Mom, guess what?” I prayed that this would go all the way to China!” These were Katie’s words on Sunday as she showed me a paper airplane that she had decorated. It was covere d with an 8-year old’s words of evangelism in small wavy print and surrounded by colorful pictures of crosses, birds, kittens and little girls waving. “I’m going to send this into the air and pray that it reaches someone who doesn’t know God…maybe even to China!” she repeated.
Later, it struck me…she didn’t have any reservations or hesitations about the paper airplane flying all the way to China. She had faith that if God willed, He would send it to China. I thought of Philippians 4:13..”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” How often we limit ourselves by forgetting to call on the Lord and attempting to do for ourselves. Jesus gives us the strength, not only for our daily activities, but for wonderful and amazing things that we would never dream of accomplishing without Him.
Warren Berkley says in his Expository Files “ To get the impact of this (v erse), stop and think about what you could not do without Him”. We are nothing without Him, yet often we try and go it alone. We then wonder why we fail or our accomplishments seem hollow and empty.
How we limit the Almighty God! When we take the time to study the petal of a flower or the delicate wings of a dragonfly, we are astonished. When we view a majestic mountain peak or the thundering ocean waves we can really understand Jeremiah 32:27 which says “I am the Lord, the God of the whole human race. Is anything too hard for me?”
So many times have I gotten up and faced the day without asking Him for help. As I wrestle and struggle forward, each minute seems like an eternity. Fear and anxiety are my companions when I attempt to live without God’s help. With God I can move forward in His will with peace and contentment. I can tell my neighbors and people I meet about God and am not surprised when wondrous and miraculous things occur….maybe even a small paper airplane crossing the mighty sea!

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