Monday, June 29, 2009


Jesse and I have found our church home. We have been attending for a year, gave our testimony on Sunday and officially became members. What a wonderful gift that God has given us!

We have been searching for quite some time. We've attended many different churches since leaving the World Wide Church of God in 1997. We have met so many nice people and heard some wonderful messages. We have had some unique experiences like unknowingly attending a "spirit-filled" church once...most of the service was in tongues! We have had good, bad, ups and downs. I am not sure why we have been led down this path, but I'm glad. Those experiences helped to define us and build our character. We can't always see what God has in store for us, but it is always good.


The Zandi Zoo said...

Wonderful! We are on a search right now for a new church home so I know that feeling. I can not wait to be able to post what you just posted, but will prayerfully wait for God's timing. :-)

Congratulations on your new "home."

Robin said...

Brandi-I hope you find just the right church is sometimes difficult to do but God's timing is always right.