Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

We had a nice time at the reunion yesterday. It is a reunion of the descendants of Jesse's Great Grandparents...Glenn & Vara Squires. He was a minister and together they had 4 daughters...Dorothy, Helen, Mary Elizabeth and Jesse's Grandma, Ruth. Grandma Ruth has 5 children...her second born, Merriel is my MIL. The reunion took place in Clear Lake, Iowa. It is a beautiful place on a large lake. Lots of cool shops and restaurants downtown and a big Central Park. After the reunion, we went to a great Mexican Restaurant and then headed home....3.5 hours away. It was a long day.

We rested today and did not go to church as we got home around midnight. Jesse and I are hoping to become members of the church we are attending and we both worked on our testimonies that we will present to the congregation.

This afternoon Jesse took off to go see his dad and I dropped Colton, Carlina and Julia off at the church to work on VBS which begins tomorrow!!!! They have the sanctuary decorated like outer space.


Melanie A said...

Hope they let you in the church. haha. Happy B-Day to Garrett. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Mexican food is always a good plan.

Robin said...

Hey, Mel!!! Do you have some good Mexican food joints? I still miss Casa Ole.