Monday, June 29, 2009


I love this passage by Kay Arthur in her book Lord, I need grace to make it today ,it makes so much sense to me:

"Those who are genuinely saved and who serve the Lord fall into two categories: those who serve out of "knowledge" and duty and those who serve out of a biblical understanding of the awareness of the unfathomable love and grace of God." She goes on to say that those who fall into the first category hold rigidly to the Law and struggle with God's unconditional love and acceptance.

I just can't study and write enough about the Grace of God. There is no end to the depth of His love and acceptance. I was so thirsty for His grace coming from a legalistic church years ago and I can scarcely contain my joy as I fill up and renew my mind, learning about that grace.

Kay says "The grace of God puts us into God's "forever family". Within the family, each member is to serve God according to the grace God gives him." It is all about His grace!!!!!

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