Monday, July 21, 2008

Pickled melon? tuna melon? pickly milk?

Yum, yum...don't those things sound delicious? They do to me. One of my lovely children is notorious for leaving containers lidless....yesterday to my delight, they left an empty jar of pickle juice (no top) in the fridge beside a melon without plastic wrap and a jug of milk without the lid....thus, the culinary wonders mentioned above. They love to leave a bowl of tuna salad open and ready to scent the whole fridge. My palate will never be the same....

OT...get your fresh deep fried pickles at your local fair right now...right next to the deep fried twinkies, snickers, cheese filled brats and socks.


cherrie said...

you're making my mouth water:)

mamajil said...

My kids always lose the lids to stuff and never use plastic wrap. Onion scented coffee creamer is the worst!!
Makes me gag just writing it!
I enjoyed your post I am glad there is someone else whose kids do this too!