Friday, July 18, 2008

Fowler's Park

Yesterday we met Jim at Fowler's Park for a picnic. It is a gorgeous place in the Loess Hills, with trails, playground and picnic area. It was humid and buggy but that didn't ruin our fun. The kids had a blast soaking each other with cups of cold water from the well, all except Carlina was soaked to the bone. Oliver had fun running around chasing butterflies and ants. Jesse made excellent hamburgers and his campfire specialty hash. There is a WWII memorial (pictured) and Katie dislodged a huge stone (had been broken previously). She cried hysterically thinking she was going to be put in jail for it. Colton didn't help matters any by saying he heard police sirens coming to get her.

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Debbie said...

sounds like you had a blast