Friday, July 18, 2008

Listening to God....

I have wished many times that God would come down and burn a bush for me; that He would give me explicit instructions (out loud) about what to do...what path to to solve a particular problem....unfortunately this has not happened to me once. But His voice is there...just how to recognize it? It is in His Word. I have stumbled across just the answers I needed many times while reading the Bible and not really looking for anything in particular. It is in my heart. I have heard His voice while praying and meditating and sometimes while not even thinking about anything special. It is often quiet, small and can only be heard when I am the same. He has just the answers we seek...He does answer but I have to seek. They are not always the answers that I want to hear but I am physical, mortal, reliant on Him...His will is perfect. I pray that I can seek His will and not mine. Mine leads to disaster, His down the straight and narrow path. Thank you God for your wisdom and that You are always there for your children.

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