Monday, April 14, 2008

My husband, blessed chef

DH doesn't have any time to cook during the week, but on weekends he is so handy in the kitchen. We went grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon. He doesn't like to have a list but likes to go and piece meals together as he walks through the store. That is totally opposite of me but he says it's like a game or puzzle to him. Upon coming home he made a delicious dinner of pan-cooked mahi-mahi, corn, broccoli and hushpuppies (not homemade but still great). He then made a stew for the next day. I have not been cooking or eating much lately and I am so thankful for what he does in the kitchen. My son is very good, too, and loves to make chicken and rice on the stovetop. We were eating alot of that lately so it is very good to have something different.

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