Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My baby is weaned..

Thomas is 22 months old and for the most part, weaned. He still nurses for comfort, but there is nothing there. He has been teething lately and want to nurse more (he calls it ni-ni-tos?). Each one of mine have called it something different, except for Colton, who I weaned at 9 months. I weaned him so early because I got pg and my ob told me that was the thing to do. Obviously now I know better. Usually at about the end of the first trimester in my pregnancies my milk has dried up. It didn't happen with Katie who I nursed almost to the end of Garrett's pregnancy and then she weaned herself without a fuss. I nursed her the longest at 2.5 years. It is so bittersweet to know that my "baby" is becoming my big boy and soon the next baby will be here.


glendagirl said...

Weaning is hard here too. Ty is half bottle/ half Nee Neeeee. I could never keep up with his nursing needs like I did with the others. Hugs to you and Thomas.
And thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog. :)

Joy said...

It is bittersweet! I hope it's an easy transition for you and Thomas.