Sunday, January 17, 2010


I really enjoyed today's sermon about thankfulness. Pastor talked about being so captivated with God that we don't let the every day cares of the world get us down or discourage us. It is so easy to base our lives on events, seasons, holidays. It is not wrong to enjoy those things, but it is wrong to wile our days away waiting for the next one. We need to be thankful for each minute of each thanks to God. We have an amazing Father who cares for us and listens to us...He is the creator of the universe! How awesome is that? Jesus died for us and now lives and we have the glorious and true hope that He will return. I am striving to constantly see the larger picture in life and give thanks daily!!!!!


Melanie A said...

I just saw a book on thankfulness at our local Christian bookstore. Think I'll go back and pick it up. Seems like something I need to think about more, too. I'll pass it on if it is any good.

Robin said...

Thanks! Sounds good!!!

Angie said...

I agree. We should be more thankful for every second in our day.