Saturday, January 30, 2010

10 things about me...

This is an idea from my friend, Heather at Arrowsprings.

10 secrets about me that you may or may not know, and maybe some things you really don't CARE to know! But here they are anyway:

1. Fall is my favorite season--I love everything about it! I love the colors and I love Autumn decorations. Just ask my kids...when they start putting Fall stuff in the stores I go nuts:)

2. Holding and petting my kitties always lowers my blood pressure, helps me to feel calm and takes away stress for me.

3. I suffer from depression but it is under control with medication. I have had a few really bad episodes, once I didn't think I would survive it. I can thank God for it as it has helped me become more compassionate and has drawn me closer to Him.

4. I love watermelon.....and go into major withdrawal in the wintertime!!!!

5. I don't mind changing diapers or cleaning up bloody wounds...but vomit is another matter for me (sorry so gross!).

6. I miss Florida but am not particularly a huge fan of the beach...I adore the green foliage year round!

7. I have wanted 10 kids since I had my first one. Before that I wasn't sure I even wanted one....and believe me my first child wasn't and isn't that is saying something.

8. I love reading about disasters at sea. My latest read was about the whaleship Essex.

9. I miss having a horse so much that it hurts sometimes.....

10. My hubby and I disagree on how we was at college and he thinks one person introduced us, where I think another did...oh, well....we have been married 20 years in July so I guess it really doesn't matter:)


Melissa S. said...

I was going through an old box and found a Gladewater Mirror newspaper with your picture in it when you where Valedictorian of your graduating class. Do you remember what it said about your plans for after graduating? "major in Business Administration. . . later plans to continue education in Forestry or Environmental Science" If they could see you now! You chose a more worthy and beautiful path!

Robin said...

Melissa, I loved trees and still do:) I agree that being a mom and wife can't be beat!

Melissa S. said...

You may or may not be familiar with Charlotte Mason's educational philosophies. You would love all the nature studies she encourages in her education guidelines. No school after lunch. Get outside and observe. Of course she didn't live in Iowa during the wintertime. Stay Warm!

Robin said...

I am familiar with Charlotte Mason. I think her nature studies are wonderful. I have one who is especially interested in nature. She spends lots of time outdoors even in the cold! Not me, I am a wimp!