Wednesday, October 28, 2009


continues on with the flu. Colton and Carlina are still sick, although Carlina seemed somewhat better today. Still have fevers and chills. Thomas has a cough now, too. I sure hope the little ones can avoid the flu.

We (Julia, Alicia, Katie, Garrett, Thomas, Anna & I) went to Mom's for dinner. She made a delicious chicken dinner and we enjoyed visiting for awhile. At one point Anna climbed halfway up the stairs before we even realized she was missing. She is so speedy. We came home about 6 to get ready for Awana.

I have a new kitty who I love. He is a big stray Tom cat that showed up about 2 weeks ago. I call him Pierre. Cherrie-you would adore him! He is so loveable.


Melanie A said...

Mmmmm, A chicken dinner at Mom's. Probably good to get out of the "sick house" for a while.

Robin said...

Definitely!!! We were all getting stir crazy!