Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thomas is 2 today!

Two years ago on this day, Jesse and I were making the drive to Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, Florida to be induced into having our 7th baby. We arrived bright and early and I was adminstered antibiotics as I was strep B positive. After about an hour of that, Dr. Taival came in and broke my water. I was officially 10 days past my due date of June 16th. She was going to give me 1 hour to go into labor before pitocin was given. I really did NOT want the pit. The water breaking did not work, not a single contraction occured and she started the pit. After that things started to happen and about two hours into that I got my epidural, right when the contractions were starting to get hard. We were watching Hildalgo. About 3:15 I felt extreme pressure and they checked me and I was complete. A couple of pushes later Thomas was born, a little cutie with dark hair. He looked big to me and was my biggest baby at 8lbs 2oz. Now he is an extremely active 2 year old. He loves balls and bats, tractors and drawing. He still sucks his thumb like he did the first time we saw him via ultrasound at 18 weeks. Now he is going to be a big brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thomas Levi Beem!

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glendagirl said...

A little late but Happy Birthday Thomas! Wow time really flies. Hugs